Pasta with Leftover Roast Meat

Recently I found this post about using leftover roast meat.  It so happened that we had a roast beef earlier this week and then the next night we used the leftovers.  Below are my ideas to add to the challenge of what to do with leftover roast meat.

pasta roast

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Lunchbox Roundup

As our children go back to school here in Australia, thought I would do a roundup of some the lunchbox ideas I have found.

Here are the links:

What are your favourite lunch box ideas?  Do you know of other useful lunchbox links?

Hide the Goodness

People often talk about having to hide vegetables in food so that their children will eat them.  I am quite practised at this as I do this for my husband as well.  In fact my children for years had no idea of how fussy an eater their Dad was is.  My children are also not that fussed on vegetables either but would eat a greater variety than their father.   They know I put all sorts of vegetables into the following dish but as it is processed up, they love it.

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Something to Remember

I have been doing the Zero to Hero blogging challenge and todays challenge was to publish in a different format.  I nearly didn’t do this challenge but then remembered this Quote I read just after I started this blog.  I was doubting myself, especially as there are so many blogs for food intolerances out there.  However after reading this post and particularly the quote below I decided that I had something unique to add to the blogging world.

No human being who has ever lived (or will) can absorb, process and respond to life and experience the way you do.

What is it that you are called to do in your own unique way?

Come Join Me on Facebook

Ever since I have started this blog I have wanted to have a Facebook page to go with it as well.  I have now started a Facebook page for this blog and it will be an extension of this blog.  Just click here to like Feed My Family Facebook page.

On my Facebook page I will let you know when I have added a new post.  I would also like to share more about what I have been cooking and also what other blogs or posts I am learning from.

I hope that connecting a Facebook page with this blog will enable me to make more of a community.

Come and join me on Facebook.