GF, DF, Egg Free Chocolate Cake

As promised here is the first recipe from the birthday dinner menu.  I thought I would start with the cake as this is a very important component of any birthday dinner.  This recipe has been adapted from a chocolate cake recipe in a kids cook book.  It was already dairy free and egg free so I just swapped the wheat flour for gluten-free flour.  I have adapted the recipe slightly from the original as it  was a bit oily.  We have used this recipe for most of our birthday cakes ever since my son has been dairy free. I just adapted it for gluten-free when my husband found out about his intolerances.  Being an egg free cake as well has been great for when my daughter has had birthday parties with her friends, one of whom is allergic to eggs.  This meant it has been quite easy to have all the party food egg free.  Here is the recipe we use:

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