My GF Anzac Biscuits

Today is Anzac day in Australia & New Zealand.  ANZAC stands for Australian & New Zealand Army Corps.  25 April is the anniversary of the landing of Australian & New Zealand soldiers at Gallopili in 191520150424_130128_2.  However on this day we remember all soldiers from our respective countries that have served in all wars.

I wanted to try and make some GF Anzac biscuits that my husband could eat. Continue reading


To chore or not to chore that’s the question?

Do your children help with the chores?

I was reading this blog post about home organising tips and this comment caught my attentionlaundrey2 – “Our oldest started doing her own laundry around age 8, and it made my life much easier.”  We want to raise our children to be able to be responsible for themselves by the time they are adults, which for my daughter is a only a little over a year away. Continue reading

It’s more than Physical Nourishment

While this blog has been mainly about trying to feed my family whilst dealing with multiple food intolerance’s, I would like it to be more than that.grow

Over the years that I have been a mother (16+), I have not only been conscious of what I have physically been feeding my family but also what we do that affects their mind, heart and soul.  In other words what sort of adults do I want my children to become.  On this blog I will now also be sharing some of the things we have done to feed our family, not only in body but mind, heart and soul as well.  Just like with our diet we have not always got it right and some things we have tried have not been right for us.

I hope you stay with me as I share not only how I feed my family in body but sometimes how we nourish their mind, heart and soul as well.

If you have children what are you doing to raise them to be the adults you would like them to become?

Easter Treats

What to make for Easter when there are a number of food intolerances to cater for?

I often avoid recipes with yeast in them due to have some failures with yeast in the past.  This year however, I gave this recipe from Quirky Cooking a try – gluten & dairy free hot cross buns.  Despite my yeast being old it still worked and these hot cross buns tasted rather like the real cross buns

On Saturday night we had dinner at my parents house with my brother and his family.  So I took all the ingredients for Easter Story Cookies.  We made up one batch of the cookies, put some in my parents oven and sent some home with my brother for his girls to make  and the rest went home with us which we put in our oven overnight.

I wanted to make an Easter treat for Easter Sunday that we could all eat.  So I made up this marshmallow recipe that uses agar agar instead of gelatin.  Most gelatin has sulphites (preservatives 220-228 in it).  I adapted the recipe as per one of the comments and used more egg whites and agar agar but I think next time I will use the original recipe and add some vanilla as well.marshmallows

I then used the marshmallow to make rocky road.  One lot had marshmallows with brazil nuts and dark chocolate (for my husband and son).  My daughter doesn’t like dark chocolate and can tolerate dairy so I made another lot with the marshmallows, brazil nuts, white chocolate and a block of melted cadbury marvellous creations.  We certainly ended up with enough chocolate treats to last us for a while.rocky road2

What have you made for Easter?