Easy Roast Beef Frittata

What to do with the leftover roast meat?  As a child we often had meat fritters with tomato sauce spread on top.  I haven’t found a good gluten free fritter recipe yet.  In the past we’ve often had Donar Kebabs but gluten free wraps aren’t that great.

frittata with salad

frittata with salad

When we had left over roast meat recently the kids made their own donar kebabs and I made a frittata for my husband & I.  It actually had so much meat in it that it almost tasted like a meat fritter.

To make the frittata I cut up some shallots, capsicum & mushrooms and fried these.  To this I added some chopped roast meat (about 4 slices).  Meanwhile I beat 5 eggs and added about 3 tablespoons of almond milk along with a couple of tablespoons of whole egg mayonaise.  I poured the egg mixture over the meat & vegies, covered it and let it cook.  After about 5 minutes I turned the frittata over by cutting it into quarters and flipping it.  This helps it cook all the way through without burning the bottom.  Eat by itself or serve with a salad.

How do you use leftover roast meat?


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