Walking My Way to Fitness

Until just over a month ago I had really let me fitness slide this year.  I need to be fit not only to stay healthy but to look after my family.  Just over 5 weeks ago when it was school holidays and we were staying on the Sunshine Coast

Taken by son a few weeks ago when he came on a walk with his camera.
Taken by son a few weeks ago when he came on a walk with his camera.

I started walking again.  It was lovely to walk the path along the beach each day.  Since we’ve been home I have managed to exercise most days.  Many days it has been a walk from home.  On days when I haven’t had much time I’ve done a shorter period of skipping.  When I saw the challenge for the Worldwide WordPress 5k for any day this week, I thought I could give it ago since I’ve been walking anyhow.

When I checked out how long my normal route was on google maps I was disappointed to realise that it was only 2.5k.  I needed to walk double that for this challenge.  My husband normally runs 5k’s, so I followed his zig-zag route which is about as flat as you can get as we live on a hill.  I chose a day when I had time to do 5k’s and took quite a few photos along the way, so it did take over an hour.  It was an overcast day which made it cooler but that is probably good for this time of the year in Brisbane.  2 days before I did the 5k walk it had been 29 degrees celsius.

We live in a well established suburb of Brisbane and although I did walk along some busy roads I do like all the trees, flowers & birds that I see as I walk.


You will see many Jacaranda trees in my photos.  They stand out in Brisbane at this time of year when they are in bloom.  It is close to the end of the academic year here and they say that if you are not studying by the time the Jacaranda flowers that you will not do well on your exams.  Students dread the Jacarandas blooming, I personally think the trees are very beautiful to see, although I haven’t been a student for many years!

This just shows you a little of what I see on my walk.  After doing 5k’s, I have decided that I can extend my normal 2.5k route!

What are you doing to try and keep fit?


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