GF Reindeer Cupcakes


This may be a bit late to share for Christmas this year but I made them after Christmas.   I ran out of time before Christmas and we had more than enough cakes & biscuits anyhow.  I also thought I’d go with the whole 12 days of Christmas as well. We were meeting in the park for afternoon tea & an early dinner with extended family, so I decided it was a good time to make them.  I had seen the reindeer cupcake or biscuit idea in a number of food magazines but none of them were gluten free so I made my own based on the ideas I had seen.

The cupcake was made using this coconut cupcake recipe from Alexx Stuart.  I used brown rice flour and tapioca flour instead of the buckwheat flour. I also added a couple of tablespoons of cacao powder to make them chocolate cupcakes.  I then iced them with chocolate butter cream and added half a gluten free arrowroot biscuit for the snout; 2 itsy bitsy bears for the antlers; white icing for the eyes and to stick the nose on; black writing icing in a tube for the pupils & mouth; and a red M&M for the nose.  M&M’s in Australia are not gluten free but that small amount is ok for my husband.  Originally I was going to use pink musk live savers as they are gluten free.  I discovered this Nestle list which shows which of their products are gluten free, so I knew the musk lifesavers were gf.

The cupcakes are best eaten soon after they are made as the biscuits go soggy fairly quickly.

What have you been baking for Christmas?


I’m Nuts About You

I was giving a few gift cards for Christmas and looking for ways to present them that was a bit more exciting than the gift card in a Christmas card.  I saw this teacher gift  idea with a gift card presented in a jar of M&M’s with a poem.  However as it wasn’t a teacher gift and both my dad & brother enjoy savoury more than sweet, I kept looking.  I didn’t find anything else totally appealing & easy so I decided to put the gift cards in a jar of nuts.

I labelled the jars “We’re nuts about you!  So this jar contains a sweet gift.”  The jars contained a layer of Cashew nuts, followed by Brazil nuts and some Ancient Grain Twists. I added the gift card after a small layer of nuts on the bottom and then put the other nuts & twists around the gift card.   The Ancient Grain Twists were hot & spicy so I knew my father and brother would enjoy them.  As my other gift cards were going with other gifts I just wrapped them with the other gift.

What different ways have you presented a gift card?