Pirate & Fairy 18th – Decor & Games

I thought I would share about the decor & games we had at my daughters recent Pirate & Fairy Themed Party.

We did parts of the decor fairy and parts pirate themed.  Fortunately my niece had a Fairy Ballerina themed party for her 5th birthday so we were able to borrow lots of fairy themed decor and my sister-in-law also helped set up the decor.  We had the main food table like a ship, thanks to my husband.  The drinks table was very much following the fairy theme.  Upon arrival we had dotted lines drawn on the paths to follow to the ‘x’ where the treasure box and the party was.  The treasure box was filled with prizes for the games.  We actually forgot to do the best dressed prize but there were many beautiful fairies and pirates who attended the party.


The party bags had a pirate skull & cross bone on one side with a fairy wand on the other.  Printed in black & white and stuck onto brown paper bags with a name tag added.  Each bag contained:

  • 1 pirate pencil
  • 1 coloured pacer pencil
  • chocolate coins
  • sticker sheet
  • whistle blower
  • party popper
  • parachute man
  • bubbles
  • fairy dust (sherbet) straws

Games to match the theme included:

  • Pass the Parcel (2 parcels – 1 with a fairy prize & 1 with a pirate prize)
  • Treasure Hunt (we were able to borrow about 150 gold painted rocks which were hidden and the person who found the most had first pick at the prize box.)
  • Musical Toadstools (round circles cut from plastic table cloth, with white paper spots glued on)
  • Monte Carlo with  a fairy or pirate picture in each corner
  • Pin the Wand on the Fairy
  • Man the Lifeboats (relay race involving inner tubes)
  • A Treasurebox Pinata

Pirate & Fairy 18th – Food

My daughter recently turned 18.  She decided to have a Pirate & Fairy kids themed birthday party complete with party games.  We held it during the day and about 20 of her friends came.  I think partly because both her brother & father both have multiple food intolerances she wanted to cater for everyone’s dietary needs.

Therefore we needed to cater for vegetarian, pescetarian, coeliac, no pork, peanut allergy and a couple of people with multiple food intolerances.  We made different options so that there was something for everyone.  Everything was labelled so people could easily tell what they could eat.  The birthday cake was the trickiest part.  We made 2 types of cakes.  The largest was just a 3 packet mixes that most people could eat but the other double layer cake needed to be gluten, dairy, egg, cocoa & certain colours free so that the coeliac and those with multiple food intolerances could eat it.


My go to gluten, dairy & egg free cake has cocoa in it so we needed to adapt the recipe. Continue reading

Birthday Dinner catering for food intolerances

It was my son’s birthday this week.  We were away and came home on his birthday.  I made a magic bean cake upon coming home which we had after dinner that night.  (I’m sure my family still does not know what’s in it!)  The next night we had a birthday dinner with the extended family.   What do you cook to feed 14 people that includes 2 people with a number of food intolerances?  Everything on the menu was food that my son and my husband could both eat.

So what was on the menu? Continue reading