What’s for Dinner?

“What’s for Dinner?” has been the catch cry of my children since they could talk.  Often this would be one of the first things my daughter would ask in the morning when she was little.

I startmenu-1197653__180ed menu planning a few years ago and have found that it helps.  I usually plan and shop for a weeks worth of meals at a time.  So on Monday I normally sit down with my calendar and add what we are going to have for dinner for each day of the week.  It can be easy to have the same meals every week.  To help me remember all the different dishes I can make I decided to write a list of all the meals we like to eat.  I decided to add this as a new “Menu Ideas” page on my blog.  This way it is easy for me to find and it might inspire someone else as well.  As I try new recipes or remember things that aren’t on the list I’ll keep updating it.

Do you menu plan and do you have a list of go to meals?


Birthday Dinner catering for food intolerances

It was my son’s birthday this week.  We were away and came home on his birthday.  I made a magic bean cake upon coming home which we had after dinner that night.  (I’m sure my family still does not know what’s in it!)  The next night we had a birthday dinner with the extended family.   What do you cook to feed 14 people that includes 2 people with a number of food intolerances?  Everything on the menu was food that my son and my husband could both eat.

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2 Recipes for Shrove Tuesday

As you may know the tradition of making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday was to use up the butter, eggs and rich foods in your house before lent began.  Go here and here to find out more.

In our house we began the tradition of making pancakes for dinner on Shrove Tuesday about 5 years ago.  I planned to have this for dinner in the dinner planning column on our calendar back in January.  Everyone has to have at least one pancake with a savoury topping before having any sweet toppings.

It has been a bit harder to try and make pancakes that are gluten and dairy free and to have a suitable gluten and dairy free topping.  Here are my recipes that I developed last year. Continue reading

Proposal Day

My husband proposed to me 20 years ago on Valentine’s Day with a dozen red roses and popped the question while we were enjoying dinner.  Silly me after the proposal said that I expected another dozen red roses on the 25th anniversary of the proposal.  He has given me flowers since then but not the dozen red roses again, yet.  A few weeks ago he did check with me whether it was 20 years or 25 years for the dozen red roses.  Silly me (again), said “25 years”, I could have told him 20 and got the flowers both now and in 5 years.  Anyhow, the funny thing is my husband does not like Valentine’s Day and thinks it is very commercial.  So he has taken to calling Valentine’s Day, “Proposal Day”.  Generally we don’t do too much for Valentine’s Day/Proposal Day these days.

However I do try to cook something special for the family for the day.  This year I made a dessert that we could all eat, well actually 2 as my daughter doesn’t like coconut so chocolate custard made on coconut milk was not going to work for her.finished torte2

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Christmas Traditions and a recipe

We have many Christmas traditions that take place in our house.  Some of these include putting up the tree as a family on 1 December, reading an advent story together each night of advent and having a birthday cake for Jesus for breakfast on Christmas Day.  One of my favourite traditions that we have always done with my Mum’s family is to have plum pudding with money in it.  Continue reading