Proposal Day

My husband proposed to me 20 years ago on Valentine’s Day with a dozen red roses and popped the question while we were enjoying dinner.  Silly me after the proposal said that I expected another dozen red roses on the 25th anniversary of the proposal.  He has given me flowers since then but not the dozen red roses again, yet.  A few weeks ago he did check with me whether it was 20 years or 25 years for the dozen red roses.  Silly me (again), said “25 years”, I could have told him 20 and got the flowers both now and in 5 years.  Anyhow, the funny thing is my husband does not like Valentine’s Day and thinks it is very commercial.  So he has taken to calling Valentine’s Day, “Proposal Day”.  Generally we don’t do too much for Valentine’s Day/Proposal Day these days.

However I do try to cook something special for the family for the day.  This year I made a dessert that we could all eat, well actually 2 as my daughter doesn’t like coconut so chocolate custard made on coconut milk was not going to work for her.finished torte2

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