Last Weeks Menu – 5 Oct

As we were away at the Sunshine Coast for part of last week I didn’t do much baking but we ate some of what I had baked the week before.

I continued wigreen breaky bowlth Caralee’s Breakfast Challenge.  So in the last week I’ve had Green Breaky Bowl (pictured); Choc Crunch Granola (with dried fruit, banana & coconut milk or with
some puffed corn); Choc Banana Pancakes; Superfood Berry Smoothie; Puffed Corn (with just some rice/almond milk) & of course on Sunday we had bacon & eggs.  Most days I also had Lemon & Ginger Tea

My son made the choc banana pancakes. Continue reading


Corn Thins Pizza

We have been away for a few days.  On holidays it had become the norm to cook in the unit one night and have take away the next night.  However there is very little take-away that my husband can have.  My sons reactions are not too bad now so he corn thins pizza3can get away with some of the wrong foods.  Consequently the kids often get take-away while we have left overs or make up something else.  During the week when the kids had pizza, my husband had his own mini pizzas and I made myself a stir fry with some left over chicken.

When we have pizza I often make a gluten free fry pan pizza but lately my husband has been making pizzas with corn or rice thins. Continue reading