Gluten Free & Dairy Free Shortbread

This is another of my go to recipes that people who aren’t gluten & dairy free also enjoy eating.  My husband likes these biscuits iced but shortbread is of course usually eaten without icing.  At Christmas time I usually make Christmas tree or star shaped biscuits with this recipe.  These biscuits were on the menu at my daughters 18th party.


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Pirate & Fairy 18th – Food

My daughter recently turned 18.  She decided to have a Pirate & Fairy kids themed birthday party complete with party games.  We held it during the day and about 20 of her friends came.  I think partly because both her brother & father both have multiple food intolerances she wanted to cater for everyone’s dietary needs.

Therefore we needed to cater for vegetarian, pescetarian, coeliac, no pork, peanut allergy and a couple of people with multiple food intolerances.  We made different options so that there was something for everyone.  Everything was labelled so people could easily tell what they could eat.  The birthday cake was the trickiest part.  We made 2 types of cakes.  The largest was just a 3 packet mixes that most people could eat but the other double layer cake needed to be gluten, dairy, egg, cocoa & certain colours free so that the coeliac and those with multiple food intolerances could eat it.


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What I’ve made this week

chocolate cupcakes - Healthy Chef

GF, DF Chocolate muffins

Finally got my cooking mojo on again and made a few things this week.

My husband has been reacting to something and getting spots again.  We think it might be one of the gluten free flours that I’m using (probably hidden sulphites).  So I tried these Chocolate Cupcakes from Healthy Chef.  These cupcakes are grain free.

milo cupcakes

milo muffins

For my children I made these milo cupcakes from Essential Kids but used this gluten & dairy free milo recipe and almond milk to make them.  I did use real butter as I’m trying to see if my son can tolerate some butter even though generally he is dairy free.   They have been eating them but my daughter thought they were a bit dry so I will had some more liquid/fat next time.  I will need to make up some more of the gluten & dairy free milo.

cereal bars

cereal bars

We also had lots of cereals left that were bought as holiday treats, chosen by my children but they didn’t want to eat them anymore.  The cereals were all dairy & soy free but by no means healthy.   Too use them up I made these homemade rice puff bars but subbed the rice puffs for the cereals we had.  These are going down quite well.    We still have crunchy nut cornflakes to use up which my husband can’t eat so I think I will make some corn flake biscuits for the kids.

raw lamington slice

raw lamington slice

For our first MUMSnext gathering for the year I made a raw lamington slice (pictured left) using this raw lamington truffles recipe from skinnymixers.  I also made a spinach dip with a cashew cream base. Both were well received, especially as they were gluten, dairy & egg free.  I’ve shared the link for the raw lamington truffles with a few of my friends already.

vanilla-almond granola in the container I'm stoing it in.

The vanilla-almond granola in the container I’m storing it in.

Finally I made myself some vanilla-almond granola (from Against all Grain cookbook by Danielle Walker who has a blog of the same name) which my son & I enjoyed for breakfast this morning.  I had mine with some corn puffs, a sliced banana and almond milk.  My son ate his dry with nothing else added.  In fact my son was eating it last night soon after it came out of the oven.  I used the dehydrate in the oven method.  I think I need to request a food dehydrater for a gift for mother’s day!  I have been wanting to try a granola recipe for ages and finally got organised to soak the nuts in advance so that I could make it.  Here is a similar granola recipe from Danielle’s blog.

GF, DF, Egg Free Chocolate Cake

As promised here is the first recipe from the birthday dinner menu.  I thought I would start with the cake as this is a very important component of any birthday dinner.  This recipe has been adapted from a chocolate cake recipe in a kids cook book.  It was already dairy free and egg free so I just swapped the wheat flour for gluten-free flour.  I have adapted the recipe slightly from the original as it  was a bit oily.  We have used this recipe for most of our birthday cakes ever since my son has been dairy free. I just adapted it for gluten-free when my husband found out about his intolerances.  Being an egg free cake as well has been great for when my daughter has had birthday parties with her friends, one of whom is allergic to eggs.  This meant it has been quite easy to have all the party food egg free.  Here is the recipe we use:

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